Pak Guru YATRA

Your Dream Yatra Experience in Pakistan

Our Mission

To enable Sikh community from all over the world have best Yatra experience in Pakistan

Yatra Highlights

all inclusive

Accommodation, local transportation & meals included

Security ensured

24 hr GPS tracking, and security escort during the whole tour

Multiple options

2 Travel plans to choose from; based on your preference 

Yatra Packages

3-Star yatra

5-star yatra

Security Measures

We originate from Pakistan, and understand the concerns you might have for your security. Pakistan is safer than what is usually portrayed on media, especially the places you will be visiting.

However, in order to ensure your peace of mind, we:

  • Provide you a local mobile SIM for the duration of your stay in Pakistan to keep a track of your location. 
  • Keep a track of the vehicles you will be travelling in. 
  • Accompany you with a trained security personnel. 
  • Asses the safety and security of all accommodations, where you’d be staying. 

You would know you’re in safe hands, when you travel with us.


Happy Yatrees facilitated

Top Service

Pride on providing top quality service

Global Reach

Facilitating people from all over the world

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